IMA’s Custom Research Service

Wednesday March 1, 2017

The India Employment Report

"Over two decades of experience carrying out in-depth market studies, opportunity assessments and long-term strategy development across sectors gives IMA's Custom Research practice unique ability to deduce insight from information that is relevant to corporate strategy.The India Employment Report is the second of IMA's Country Series on cross-sectoral issues of national import, after the successful launch of the India Consumption Report in 2016. The Report provides strategic insights as well as detailed employment data at the country and state levels. It is a ready reference for identifying emerging talent and job hotspots, understand the nature of employment types, tracking talent pools by geography, industry, assessing sectoral demand for talent, which finally feeds into your talent strategy.

The Report is based on a minute analysis of four of the largest databases in the country to give you the most comprehensive assessment of India’s employment pools and trends in employment creation. The IER uses as a cross-referenced base The Employment Surveys of the National Sample Survey Organisation (2004-05 and 2011-12), The Employment-Unemployment Survey of the Labour Bureau (2015-16), Census of India (2001 and 2011), Economic Census of India (2013-14), and the All India Higher Education reports (up to 2015-16) by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.”

Click here to view extracts from  IMA India's - India Employment Report.