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Friday July 9, 2010

IT Services Cost and Operations Benchmarking Report

This is an extract from a much more comprehensive report that was commissioned to answer a specific market- or economic-intelligence requirement. As the non-disclosure period for the report has now passed, this sample information is being made available in the public domain. While the data and analysis contained herein may, in some cases, be somewhat dated, these pages are presented as a showcase of the quality and depth of IMA's research capabilities."


  • This benchmarking report has been prepared by analysing data collected through a detailed questionnaire administered to a group of nine IT companies (six captive and three third party service providers).
  • Most of the participating companies undertake multiple activities such as IT services, research and development (R&D), business process outsourcing (BPO – both voice and non-voice), and knowledge process outsourcing. The analysis in this report pertains to their IT Services business only, unless otherwise stated.
  • Where the participating companies have not been able to provide segregated data for their IT Services segment, a proportionate allocation has been done on the basis of appropriate parameters.
  • The names of participating companies have been masked, and only indicated by alphabets, to protect confidentiality. Further, no identifiable metrics are presented as ‘absolute’ numbers. Instead ratios or indices have been provided to facilitate comparisons.
  • The contents of this report are the exclusive intellectual property of IMA India. They are copyright protected and legally privileged. Unauthorised copying, reproduction or distribution of the information contained in these pages would amount to an infringement of law and would invite applicable penalties, as per the terms of the contract signed by all participating companies

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