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Saturday April 2, 2016

The India Consumption Report

"Over two decades of experience in carrying out in-depth market studies, opportunity assessments and long-term strategy development across sectors gives IMA's Custom Research practice unique ability to transform data into actionable insights relevant to corporate strategy. 

The India Consumption Report (ICR) a most exhaustive assessment of two of India’s widest and deepest data sources – the latest Census of India, and the National Statistical Survey Organisation’s (NSSO) two country collations of data over 2004-05 and 2011-12. At one level, the trends and resultant analysis are a fascinating representation of how economic growth is, and will be, driven by consumption. Equally, the study reflects how India is consuming and spending.

The ICR quantifies, at the country and state levels, for the top 100 districts by expenditure, and by product categories, the opportunity afforded to sectors and industries by a growing, consuming economy. The story here is rural, it is urban, and it is, as they now say, ‘rurban’. The ICR provides both, cross comparisons, and unique insight into how each of these areas – across and within states – are spending, how Indians are ageing, and the resultant opportunities.

To summarise...

• The report provides analysis on trends in consumption patterns of the average urban and rural individual for each of the 29 states, translating that into market size for all product/service categories. While this will help consumer-facing companies to hone geographic focus, for B2B companies, the report aims to contextualize the market potential for client corporations – which directly co-relates to one’s own business opportunity.

• Data and analysis for over 30 product and service categories, including food and beverages, education, medical goods, apparel & footwear, electrical & electronic goods, and a range of consumer services.

• Demographic trends that reflect the potential of India’s consumers by age, gender and state-origin.

• Easy-to-track snapshots of each of India’s states, and of India’s top 100 districts by expenditure, augment the report.


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